July 2017 Posts

Mamma’s Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys; Not Doctors And Lawyers And Such

In their 1978 song “Mamma’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys” Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings urged mothers to encourage their kids to become “doctors and lawyers and such.”

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Two New “Fat Men From Space” Blast Off Searching For Amelia Island’s Best Burger

Despite the fact that the only benefits to be had are weight gain, high cholesterol, cases of indigestion, and a lighter wallet, a number of folks applied for this blog’s position of “Fat Man From Space”, the island hamburger connoisseur, whose job is to sample as many hamburgers as possible in local island eateries from the north side’s Main Beach Putt Putt to the south side’s fancy-schamcy Ritz Carlton, then report their findings back here.

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The Difficulties of Swamp Draining!

Former full-time and now part-time Amelia Island resident, Pat Keogh, had an article printed in late May in the Washington DC based “Government Executive Magazine,” a publication that says it offers “practical advice for federal leaders on managing people, processes and projects.”

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Amelia Island Enjoying A BBQ Bonanza

BBQ joints are popping up on Amelia Island faster than Bill Clinton could pencil in “Monica” on his “To Do” list every morning.

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