May 2017 Posts

A Visit To Kings Bay Naval Base Confirms That Tax Dollars There Are Being Well Spent

The USS FLORIDA in the sound between Amelia Island and Cumberland Island.

In the more than six years I have lived on Amelia Island I’ve had people tell me that they wish they could tour one of the submarines housed at the U.S. Kings Bay Naval Station just north of us in Kings Bay, GA.

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Smoked Mullet, Worm Grunting & Oysters Make The “Forgotten Coast” Unforgettable

Florida’s multiple coastlines are named according to their history and surrounding attractions.

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Why Can’t Folks East of The Mississippi River Fix Brisket The Way Pit Masters In Texas Do?


Despite the infinite number of barbeque joints that pepper the rural deep south, I’ve never discovered any that fix beef brisket the way the folks in Texas do it.

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News-Leader Editorial Pages A Laugh Riot; But Not In The Way Its Editor Intended

The dreadful opinion page columnists on the pages of the local bi-weekly News-Leader newspaper are like balloons in a swimming pool. As soon as you think you have one pushed under water another one pops up.

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