February 2017 Posts

Airport & Golf Course Situation Muddled As Fernandina Continues Its Bizarre Maneuvers

The headline on the lead story on the front page of the local bi-weekly News-Leader last Friday, February 17, blared “City weighs sale of Amelia River golf property.” It quoted Fernandina Beach City Manager Dale Martin, and Airport Advisory Chairman Sam Lane, but nowhere in the story was a member of the Amelia River Golf Club’s 70-year lease holder, Amelia Island Hospitality Group quoted or even mentioned.

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“Clearance, Clarence. Roger, Roger. Vector, Victor & Also Explain The New Airport Bldg.”

Mystery airport building — terminal, welcome center or what?

For a number of months I’ve been hearing about something to be built at the local airport that is supposed to look like an airplane, but maybe it won’t and will be a welcome center, unless it isn’t.

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The Wall: If We Build It They Won’t Come! And Advertising And Marketing Will Get It Done

The wall along the southern border will be built no matter how much  American liberals rant and the Mexicans kick their feet and hold their breath.

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Reader Reactions Mixed On “Liberal” Women’s March Commentary

All of the 32 comments posted thus far on last week’s blog were about the “Liberal Women’s March” that was intentionally and erroneously labeled by its organizers a “Women’s March.”

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