September 2016 Posts

Buy-Gones Gone Sign A Bad Sign For Local Fernandina Beach Businesses

img_1503One of the signs on the South 8th Street woman’s resale boutique Buy-Gones is gone and that’s a bad sign for other Fernandina Beach businesses.

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Mayor Miller’s Groucho Impersonation; The Perfect Muffuletta & Is Uber Coming Here?

groucho-marx-quotesFernandina Beach doesn’t have a comedy club forum but as long as Mayor Johnny Miller sits on the City Commission it doesn’t need one.

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Lawyers & Bureaucrats; The Mayor Bounces A Check; Flag Flap; Sloppy Journalism & More

Bureaucratic red tape problem as a human hand tangled in bureaucracy and regulations as a business concept and symbol of government gridlock or corporate regulatory confusion.

During a talk to the European American Business Club this past Tuesday evening, local architect John Cotner not only held the rapt attention of his audience with his relaxed and entertaining speaking style, but also took aim at bureaucrats and lawyers, two groups of people whose objectives he says impede progress and increase costs without offering any positive benefits.

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Cuba, Frisco Football Fiasco & Pretzelpalooza

Young sexy Oktoberfest waitress wearing a traditional Bavarian dress dirndl holding a pretzel and beer mug, and laughing happily on blue background.

So, how well have the Cuban people fared since Obama restored relations with that communist nation?

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Are You Sure You Want A Self-Driving Car?

An image of a robotic self driving car.

Self-driving cars make me uneasy and according to a recent Wall Street Journal article I’m not alone.

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