March 2016 Posts

Where Can You Send Your Kid For An Education Instead Of An Indoctrination?

Safe_Spaces_CartoonIf I was still living in Atlanta, had a child ready to enter a university and had only two institutions to choose from — Emory University or Georgia State — it wouldn’t take more than a nanosecond for me to decide to pack junior off to State even if the kid had a full boat ride to Emory.

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The Next News-Wrecker Issue Being Readied With Hard-Hitting, Fast-Breaking News Items

Paper boyA massive iceberg wedged between two sandbars off Main Beach; a license required by Fernandina Beach officials to take photos of local sunsets; the discovery of a vast canyon and mountain range on the south end of Amelia Island; and a local man building a personal computer using only discarded plastic bags, are just a few of the breaking news stories that will appear in the spring 2016 edition of The Amelia Island News-Wrecker.

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Media Negative About Restaurant Chain’s Positive Principles While Ignoring Reality

eat-mor-chikinA couple of years ago fast-food chain Chick-fil-A made national headlines when company President Dan Cathy spoke out in support of traditional marriage causing liberals and gays to come unhinged and launch nationwide protests against the chain.  The Atlanta-based company was founded on Christian beliefs and today still staunchly follows those tenets in dealing with its customers and employees. So while protestors called for a boycott of the company, and even some loopy mayors said they wouldn’t allow any more Chick-fil-As to be built in their cities, their efforts backfired big time, with the chicken chain setting sales records with many locations selling out of food to the hundreds of thousands of its supporters.

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In Cassadaga, FL It’s Not What You See There But Rather What You Don’t See That Matters

ghostFolks that travel to the tiny central Florida community of Cassadaga aren’t concerned about what there is to see there, it’s the things they can’t see that attract them to the 122-year-old town that doesn’t boast a flashing traffic light, much less a stop light, because it simply doesn’t need one.

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