February 2016 Posts

Without Double Standards The Left Wouldn’t Have Any Standards

stop hypocrisy having two faces pretending and faking hypocrite

Discussing the vacant seat on the U.S. Supreme Court caused by the sudden death of Antonin Scalia On ABC’s This Week Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said: “You know, the Constitution, Ted Cruz holds the Constitution, you know, when he walks through the halls of Congress. Let him show me the clause that says the president’s only president for three years. Does this mean we don’t hold hearings on anything? The president shouldn’t nominate Cabinet ministers?”

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Living In Florida Just Keeps Getting Better And Nassau County Is A Contributing Factor

Florida map flag on hex code illustration

An organization called The John Locke Foundation, a North Carolinian think tank, created an index to rate the freedom of individual states and if you live in Florida the results look terrific, and if you live in New York, they stink.

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Isn’t It Time To Ditch Black History Month And Establish American History Month?

Smiling American students presenting their country with flags

Why do we set aside February to celebrate black history when we don’t do the same for any other race or culture?

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Fernandina Beach Mayor Miller Should Adopt Groucho’s Refrain For His Next Campaign

groucho-marx-quotes-020“Whatever It Is, I’m Against It” was Groucho Marx’s most famous refrain and I’m convinced that Fernandina Beach Mayor Johnny Miller could adopt it as a campaign slogan if he intends to once again run for a seat on the City Commission or any other political office he aspires to attain. It would also grant him instant credibility if he were to ever apply for a position with Greenpeace or the Sierra Club.

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