2016 Posts

Want To Get Rich And Keep It All In The Family? Then Buy Local Resident Pat Keogh’s New Book

If you’re anything like me you probably don’t understand much of what stock brokers or brokerage firms tell you, what the stock prospectuses say, or the incomprehensible gibberish spouted by securities analysts and so-called market experts quoted in financial publications.

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Fernandina Beach Tax Payers Getting Hosed; The City Commission Promises It’ll Get Worse

If you’re a property owning tax payer in Fernandina Beach you’re getting hosed and it’s going to get a lot worse, the City Commission and City Manager guarantee it.

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Walk To Demonstrate Support For Local Police; Cross The Line Crosses The Line For Veterans

Opining weekly about the hapless Fernandina Beach City Commission, its slippery City Manager Dale Martin and his double-talking sidekick Commissioner Chip Ross is getting depressing.

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The Observer “Observes” But It Doesn’t Report; Ban Collective Bargaining Not The Police Dept.

When Susan Steger announced eight years ago that she was creating an online newspaper, the Fernandina Observer, I was enthusiastic.

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City Manager & Commission Bet Big On FEMA But Throw Snake Eyes And Stiff Tax Payers


Common Sense, the recently created Fernandina Beach watchdog group, sent the local media the opinion piece “The $12 million Elephant In The Room” (below) about the marina situation this week.

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