October 2015 Posts

Guess Who’s NOT Coming To Dinner?

Stich, Abbildung, engraving, gravure : 1880


We all are acquainted with neighbors, relatives, celebrities, politicians and news makers that we would be reluctant to invite to have dinner in our homes and chat with our spouses, children or grandchildren, and I have a list of those that would never make it past my front door at dinnertime or any other time.

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Benevolent Local Beach-Front Home Owner Annoys Misguided Pitchfork & Torch Crowd

4d3ac5e6If I was Baxter Hayes I’d be bitter, angry and frustrated. But I’m not. And he isn’t.

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Kavanaugh, Smith & Lentz Are The Best Fernandina Beach Commission Choices

Illustration depicting a road traffic sign with a election concept. Blue sky background.

This November 3, Fernandina Beach residents will have an opportunity to select two members to the Fernandina Beach City Commission, recommend a mayor, and vote “yah” or “nay” on a couple of proposals. I’ve made up my mind and here’s how I’m voting and why:

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News-Leader’s Role in Community Shrinking As Online Publications Pull In Ads & Readers

The imminent death of America’s daily and weekly print newspapers is being reported with regularity and as a former daily newspaper reporter I would hate to see them disappear.

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When Asked Where She lives Commission Candidate Becomes Defensive & Evasive

home of dream question mark on a white background When someone asks where I live it takes me less than 10 seconds to provide an answer as it’s not a complex question that requires a lot of thought or intense research.

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