March 2015 Posts

Contact Golf Without the Clubbings Has Arrived At Fernandina Beach’s Public Course

Footgolf sport in the NetherlandsI always thought that if golf was a contact sport it would be more interesting and exciting. And I don’t mean contact golf the way Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, interpreted it when she clobbered her then husband with a nine-iron upon discovering his serial cheating habits.

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Island Adds Former Carson, SNL TV Producer To Growing List of Fascinating Residents

Rick & JohnnyOur small Amelia Island community is home to a variety of intriguing people who hail from all parts of the world and whose backgrounds include professional sports, art, literature, business, the military, journalism and more.

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County And City Officials Come Under Fire By Media & Local Loons For Good & Bad Behavior

after2I had the very pleasant experience last week of being introduced to Ms. Laura DiBella, the newly appointed executive director of the Nassau County Economic Development Board (NCEDB) and came away very impressed.

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We Can Call Them “Pay-to-Play” Fees? But No Matter What The Name They’re Still Illegal

Dollar valve on the pipelineIn 2010 Public Utilities Director John Mandrick wrote an opinion editorial in the local News-Leader (City Utilities Department pushes forward, Friday, Nov. 12, 2010) where he stated that his “recent $3.5 million facility  improvements would provide enough capacity to take the city to 2030” based on what he said was a “three percent” growth rate. He said in his editorial that “We should not need any new treatment facilities until 2030.”  

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