February 2015 Posts

City Commission Says “Yes” To Illegal Impact Fees & “Not Now” To Firehouse Investigation


twainThey’re baaaaaaack!

If the little girl in the 1986 film “Poltergeist II” had attended the February 17 Fernandina Beach City Commission meeting she most certainly would have had cause to squeal her now familiar refrain.

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Hide Junior’s Gizmos, Toss Him Outside And Tell the Little Fatty to Entertain Himself

HAL606_pvwEvery once in a while an item pops up on one of the local community Facebook sites where a few parents whine that there is nothing for their kids to do on Amelia Island since the movie theatre, water slides, and roller skating rink closed.

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Friends of the Library Take a Lot of Gas(s) During Contentious City Commission Session

wpid-img_53617863843310Things get so silly and absurd at City Hall at times that if the procedures weren’t recorded and televised people wouldn’t believe some of the stuff that takes place. The Tuesday, February 3 session is an example.

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Welcome To Fernandina Beach: To Sue Us Please Take a Number And Wait Your Turn


Remember when you were a kid and somebody did something you were convinced was wrong and as they beat a hasty retreat they shouted over their shoulder? “So, sue me!”

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