January 2015 Posts

Fernandina Beach’s City Commission Unresolved Issue List Growing Longer Weekly

QUESTIONS SPEECH BALLOONS (what where when who why how much)In the unfinished business department, the newly aligned Fernandina Beach City Commissioners have a number of unresolved issues that are left over from the fiasco that was the last commission. Following are what I, and a number of other  folks, consider projects that need immediate attention in no particular order:

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Another Local Source Added To Fast Growing List of Area News Outlets

Press and Mass mediaAnother news source has been added to the growing local mix with the introduction of former News-Leader reporter Mary Maguire’s Nassau County Florida Independent ( that was launched in mid-October last year.

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Singing The Blues About Trashy Situation Pays Off For Downtown’s Pajama Life Shop

'The garbage men are here!'

Sometimes it actually pays to “tell it to city hall.”

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When Comparing Daily Newspaper Coverage The Jacksonville Florida Times-Union Flunks

quote-editor-a-person-employed-by-a-newspaper-whose-business-it-is-to-separate-the-wheat-from-the-elbert-hubbard-88479While spending our Christmas holiday between Blue Ridge and Ellijay in North Georgia I occasionally made a trek from our remote mountain cabin to a local convenience store to pick up the Chattanooga Times Free Press, which after reading for several days, I now consider to be one of the finest daily newspapers in the country, particularly for a city with a population of  just 168,000.  

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