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Before Solar Panel Activity Heats Up Local Officials Need To Study Other Cities

Solar panel conceptBefore the City of Fernandina Beach gets too excited about a proposed solar panel farm that Mayor Johnny Miller says could help lower electric bills, it might want to take a look at other communities that held out similar hopes only to see them turn dark, particularly one just a couple hundred miles north of Amelia Island.

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Why Are Outsiders Financing Rep. Adkins’ Nassau County School Superintendent Race?

a young caucasian man wearing a gray suit seated at an office desk full of charts and financial balances holds a burlap money bag with the US dollar currency sign in his hand

I haven’t paid much attention to the three-woman race for Nassau County School Superintendent until it was recently pointed out to me that some 80 percent of all the financial contributions for Janet Adkins, who has the largest campaign bank account so far, have come from folks that don’t live in Nassau County and don’t have kids in schools here. I find that odd.

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News-Leader Columnist Says Readers Are “Stupid” If They Don’t Agree with His Opinion

cartoon man shouting cursesMove over Dickie Anderson. Your “From the Porch” column is no longer the most incoherent and amateurish regularly scheduled piece of babble printed in the local bi-weekly News-Leader. With a single swat Joe Palmer’s Friday, November 27 “Cup of Joe” outburst smacked you off that pedestal.

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Six New Restaurants Opening In Downtown Fernandina Within The Next Three Months

new restaurantSix locally owned and operated restaurants, all within walking distance of each other, will have opened up in downtown Fernandina Beach by the end of the first quarter of next year and if the numbers and expectations I’ve heard from the Amelia Island Tourist Development Council, local hotels, bars, and current restaurant owners are correct, there are, and will be, plenty of customers to feed.

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Want To See Misery During Your Vacation? Then Cuba’s Probably The Place For You

Derrumbes-9An Amelia Island friend recently told me that he and his girl friend are planning a vacation trip to Cuba because, he said: “I want to see the old American cars and Cuba before it’s full of McDonalds, Burger Kings, neon lights, etc.”

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