September 2014 Posts

That Flushing Sound Is $600,000 Of Our Tax Money Disappearing Down The Toilet

Money Flows Down ToiletClose to $600,000 of our Fernandina Beach tax money has been needlessly flushed down the toilet as Adam Kaufman reports in the online newspaper Fernandina Observer last week that the city has spent almost that much prosecuting and defending the two indefensible cases involving its imposition of “impact fees” on new water customers as a result of its purchase of the City Water Utility in 2002.

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A Few More Things That Make Amelia Island An Attractive Place To Live & Visit

blog photos Jan 2014 083Sitting at the Green Turtle bar late last week chatting with quirky Addison B&B owner Bob Tidball and patting his dog, Maggie, who was occupying the stool next to me, pretty barkeep “Larry” explained the new beers on tap and asked if we had any questions. Bob thought for a few seconds and said, “Yes. What’s the capital of Bolivia?” *** Last Wednesday morning we answered a loud knock at our front door and were confronted by a Fernandina Beach Police Department officer who politely but firmly asked us to show identification.

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Amelia Island Residents Are Living A Norman Rockwell Painting Existence

historic-fernandina-beachA little more than three years ago when wife Linda and I had been full-time residents of Amelia Island for about three months the Fernandina Beach News-Leader printed an opinion-editorial I submitted expressing our observations about our new hometown.

Surprisingly a number of readers told me that they remember that piece and asked me if

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Do You Remember Your High School Friends And Ever Wonder Where They Are Now?

Student uncertainty
Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a discussion with a former high school or college classmate and asked: “I wonder what ever happened to (insert name)?”

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to stay in touch with many of my Tampa Plant High School classmates, even coincidentally running into some of them in very unlikely locations including Berlin, Paris and London, many years after graduation.

Some I have known since grade school have gone on to become musicians (Stephen Stills), astronauts (Sam Durrance), the first female mayor of Tampa (Sandy Warshaw), a belly dancer, teachers, electricians, newspaper editors and reporters, authors, actors, actresses, preachers, professors, business executives, housewives, airline pilots, mechanics, salesmen, carpenters, soldiers, and more. Stephen, Sam, Sandy and the others all have fascinating stories but  one that appeals to me is Rosalind (Roz) Latimer, a very pretty, perky blonde, who I last saw when she was performing in front of a packed crowd of fans at Plant’s Dad’s Stadium as head majorette and member of the precision dance team, Danceros, during football halftime shows.

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