August 2014 Posts

Amelia Island’s Best Burger Verdict Ain’t Final Until The Fat Man From Space Says It Is

Funny fat and slim aliens.A loyal reader, who goes by the nom de plume  of “fat man from space” (FMFS) wrote to inform me that he appreciates my critique on some of the island’s better places to grab a good burger (Where’s the Best Place to Grab a Good Burger?, Aug. 8, 2014)  and I’m inclined to take him seriously as he informs me that he is the “Official Amelia Island Burger Judge,” self-appointed, and who am I to argue with a fellow bearing such a lofty and impressive title?

FMFS wrote that he had just tasted Main Beach’s Putt Putt Burger, which  I have declared one of the top two island burgers (the other being T-Ray’s),  because that’s what his job description says he’s supposed to do, and it all started as a hobby that this alien parlayed

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Are You Seeking An Asian Bride Or UFO Trade? Then Subscribe To Popular Mechanics

Ufo Flying on Earth at Night over FieldI didn’t subscribe, but for some reason I’m receiving Popular Mechanics Magazine, a publication I haven’t read since I was a kid back in the 1950s, so I decided to compare an issue from July 1958 with the one I received in the mail.

The classified ads were my favorite some 55 years ago and it appears they have shrunk dramatically with my recent issue consisting of just a single page compared to close to 60 in the 1950s issue. However, the whacky factor is still there with an edition a few months ago containing ads for locating buried treasure, Asian brides, and my favorite: “UFOs? Aliens? Possible Commercial Trade?”

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The New ‘Monkey Movies’ Are Even Dumber Than The Folks That Review Them

nairobi-trio-140When I was a young sports writer for the Tampa Tribune many years ago a colleague and good friend was the theatre and movie critic who I used to tease about being paid to watch films and stage plays.

He fired back saying I was a hypocrite since I picked up a weekly paycheck to attend sporting events, a job that had no usefulness whatsoever as the competitions I reported on had no lasting value.

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Where’s Amelia Island’s Best Burger? Is It Main Beach’s Putt Putt, T-Ray’s, Or ?

Woman holding hamburger. Isolated.There are some really good hamburgers on Amelia island with South 8th Street’s T-Ray’s being named the best in all of Florida by USA Today, and I’ve got to admit I’ve eaten my share and find it hard to argue with that paper’s verdict.

Running a close second or possibly tied for first is a place none of us would expect – the Putt Putt at Main Beach, which serves one of the juiciest and tastiest burgers under the sun, and that’s where you’ll have to eat it too as Putt-Putt only has three outdoor picnic tables where diners can sit to enjoy their meal.

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All The News About The Jaguars That Fits, The Jacksonville Times-Union Prints

angry businesswoman crushing a newspaperThe editor of the Jacksonville Times-Union’s Metro Section apparently didn’t get the memo regarding the paper’s Friday, July 25 edition as his was the only one of five sections that day that didn’t run a story on its front page about the city’s hapless pro football Jaguars along with an accompanying photograph. Even the Money section ran an almost half page article and a three column picture of a Jaguar player.

And it gets even goofier. Last Sunday, July 27, a “Second Coming” headline splashed across Page A1 screamed

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