June 2014 Posts

Media On The Offense Against ‘Offensive’ Conservative Columnists And The Redskins

Word cloud for Media biasThe nation’s media is on the offense to protect the public from what they consider “offensive.”

Editors of several major newspapers in California, Washington State, and Oregon have said they will no longer allow “Redskins” to be used in print in their publications and syndicated columnist George Will’s opinion is no longer welcome in the pages of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The newspapers dropping “Redskins” from their reporting say they are doing so because they consider the 80-year-old name  “offensive,” while the Post-Dispatch announced that

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Research & Survey Say Niceville’s Mullet & Politics The Perfect Mix For A Happy Life

Political Parties Crossroads Sign Democrat and RepublicanThe results of a Clarity Campaign Labs questionnaire I participated in recently indicate that I should be living in Niceville, a Florida panhandle town near Ft. Walton Beach and Eglin Air Force Base as most of the folks there think as I do, or so say the Clarity folks.

A recent Pew Research Center report claims that the average American is much more likely to choose to live near folks who think as they do saying, “liberals like living in urban areas, within walking distance of shops and neighbors, while conservatives prefer the wide-open spaces outside the city that puts more distance between themselves and the next-closest house.”

Answering “Agree,” “Disagree” or “Don’t Include” to seven questions that include “I identify with the Democrats more than the Republicans” and “I attend religious services regularly” the Clarity people ask you to identify the state were you want to live and then tell you what zip code and towns within it suit you best. I got Niceville, zip code 32578, a pleasant enough sounding place with the next closest ideological town being Fleming Island, not far down the road from Amelia Island and then Shalimar, a town just a few miles from Niceville, and I’m thinking the proximity of a US Air Force Base has a lot to do with these panhandle town’s conservative leanings.

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Need Cash? Then Ask City Hall For A Taxpayer-Funded, No Strings Attached Check

Sinking Dollar SOSIf you’re running short of funds and could use a few thousand extra bucks then head downtown to City Hall and ask the Fernandina Beach City Commission to dip into the taxpayer’s till for a “no questions asked, no contract” deal and see if they’ll ask City Manager Joe Gerrity to cut you a check.

Four of the current commissioners did exactly that more than a year ago when failed commission candidate and community gadfly Lynn Williams was granted $8,000 for a dredging plan that has yet to materialize and for which he won’t or can’t account. In fact Williams became downright indignant when Mayor Ed Boner rightly asked him how the money is being spent and Williams spouted some mumbo-jumbo answer about “turbidity” and state environmental and fish and wildlife bureaucracies.

Mayor Boner proceeded to question Williams for an accounting of the eight grand saying, “I’ve had several people ask me how much money has been spent so far to construct the working model.  Just some requests for basic accounting:  how much has been spent, how much is left?”

An indignant Williams unashamedly told the mayor, “Ask them to call me. In our proposal there was never any intention of trying to itemize or be specific on what this would cost.  To this day, I don’t know what it will cost to see it to the end.” At one point Williams said he spent about $3,600 of our tax money on hardware for his test machine, but didn’t produce any evidence.

When the mayor pressed Williams saying “I need to get more numbers” Williams blatantly replied, “I’m not giving you more numbers.  I don’t have them.”

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Nassau County And Fernandina Beach Cops Have Crime And Criminals on the Run

Safe or Unsafe Toggle Switch Choose Safety vs DangerWhile it appears that both Nassau County and Fernandina Beach law enforcement agencies are doing bang-up jobs it also appears that a few of those that do commit illegal acts hereabouts have elevators that don’t go all the way to the top.

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper reports that crime fell by 17.2 percent county-wide, well below the state average of 4.7 percent, and Fernandina Beach has the lowest crime rate in its recorded history despite reducing its force from 35 to 30 full time officers, Fernandina Police Chief James Hurley, tells me.

According to the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) statistics provided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) there were 247 fewer county crimes overall

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