February 2014 Posts

“Going Postal” 100 Years Ago Was a Family Travel Bargain

mailchildrenIn 1914 if junior wanted to visit granny and granddad, you could just drop him off at the local post office, slap down a little less than 20 cents, and off he went via parcel post.

Some 100 years ago the NY Times reported that a small boy was shipped by his grandmother from Stratford, Oklahoma, to an aunt in Wellington, Kansas, via parcel post: “Mrs. E. H. Staley of this city received her two-year-old nephew by Parcel Post today from his grandmother in Stratford, Okla., where he had been left for a visit three weeks ago,” reported the Times.

The boy wore a tag around his neck showing it had cost 18 cents to send him through

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‘Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here’ With Wheelchairs, Walkers & High Heels

Wheelchair walkMiller Time: To prove a point our newest city commissioner and Palace Saloon barkeep Johnny Miller took off in a wheelchair the other day to try and maneuver the downtown Front St. area from the corner of Centre St. to the entrance of the Salty Pelican and discovered what those who use wheelchairs regularly already know…it can’t be done.

On a second attempt he did manage to cross to the other side of Front St. and make the short trip, but it put him smack in the middle of the road and precariously close to the train tracks.

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Eatery Serving Edible Family Heirlooms


Drinking, Dancing & Dining: First Coast Highway’s Wines by Steve and Horizons have teamed up to host a $40 per person (not including tax and tip) dinner Wednesday, February 26 at 6 pm at Horizon’s new location at  5472 First Coast Highway, former home of long-gone Gennero’s. The menu and wines aren’t set yet, but I’ve been to these wine pairing events and promise that you will not be disappointed no matter what they put in your glass or on your plate. Call ‘em at (904) 321-2430. By now everybody who cares knows that George Sheffield bought the North 2nd Street Dog Star, but I hear that George has another purchase in the works soon, but don’t have a clue what it could be. If you do, tell me. Gourmet Gourmet is one of the many restaurants getting ready for Valentine’s Day lunches and dinners with proprietor William Mertens offering a full menu both Friday the 14th as well as Saturday with specials that  include what I wouldn’t hesitate to order instantly, a $40 appetizer for two seafood platter consisting of clams,

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Island Resident Takes Unique Approach To Help Pay for “Unaffordable Care Act”

duct tapeMany people are discovering that the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is anything but affordable. In fact it is just the opposite according to news reports and individual testimonies, thereby forcing folks to scramble for ways to pay for lost health care coverage and its increased costs.

Fernandina Beach resident and neighbor Dan Broyles took an innovative approach when he placed the following classified ad in the “Work Wanted” section of the bi-weekly Fernandina Beach News Leader: “Reliable, Married Middle age male seeking weekend and evening handy-man work so I can afford the new health care law for my family. (904) 206-1694 or”

He said his insurance company dropped him like a hot potato when Obamacare kicked in 

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Being on the Fast Track Not Always Best

Being on the Fast Track Not Always Best

Marina restaurant owner Patricia Toundas suffered a fate many saw coming for others…her car was whacked by a train as she left it parked on the tracks while she unloaded supplies for her eatery.

Ms. Toundes is involved in a property dispute with the city of Fernandina Beach claiming the disputed space between her restaurant and the railroad tracks is hers alone for parking.

Currently the gravel, train tracks, busted pavement and cars parked alongside Ms. Toundas’ restaurant make it almost impossible for folks using wheelchairs, walkers or crutches or pushing strollers or baby carriages to maneuver the treacherous path.

Following my stroke, when I was using a cane, I was unable to walk from the corner of

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